Our Story

As DeFatta Custom Home Builders continues to grow and we speak with more and more clients, we have discovered that many families feel that purchasing a "custom" home results in a more complicated process and a higher price as compared to other homes. In our experience this simply is not true. 

Families know what they like and dislike with their current residence and building a new custom home is an opportunity for them to incorporate their thoughts and ideas, and design their very own custom home. Even if buyers have purchased a home in the past, we always hear about changes they wished they had made with a new home, or concessions they made to purchase an existing home. In some conversations, families tell us that many builders simply will not mal<e changes to suit their needs. 

Questions often arise surrounding how to begin the process. Basically there are five stages to a custom home design: Location/lot selection, plan design, feature selection, budget management, and mortgage financing. 

We at DeFatta Custom Homes constantly network and research the market for available lots in planned communities and other locations. We have many lots available in the best locations of Middle Tennessee. Whether our buyers want the best schools, to be close to work, shopping, and dining, or just want quiet seclusion, we continually work hard to listen to our clients and find that perfect location. 

Plan selection without direction can be overwhelming for many buyers and create unwarranted stress. Our buyers can start with the DeFatta Custom Homes portfolio and view many existing homes, they can search online for ideas, or they can begin with their own custom drawing to design their home. We work closely with our architect to offer professional guidance for every home design. Buyers meet with our architect with pictures and plan ideas, allowing the architect to listen to their wants and needs and assist them to design their custom home. 

We take pride in our customer service and we offer quality feature selections for our buyers. We understand that staying within budget is crucial to a successful project. Our Selections Coordinator will set all appointments with our vendors and will attend every meeting. All of our buyers have allowance guidelines to help them stay on budget. If buyers save in one area, let's say for example tile flooring, they can spend more in another area, or save the money all together.

DeFatta Custom Homes starts with a quality feature sheet to set a baseline for selections. We listen to our buyer's wants and needs, and everyone knows what to expect going into the selection process. ALL of our allowance categories allow for quality selections. We are custom, we don't ask our buyers to upgrade. If they see something they like, by all means let's include it in the home. Our vendor partners have a wide feature selection within each allowance categories, and they do not trying to up sale or upgrade our buyers.  

Budget management can malce or break a project. Whether our buyers are a first time buyer, or purchasing a multi million dollar home, managing the budget is paramount. By following our design processes of Location/lot selection, plan design, and feature design we are able to set acceptable budgets for our buyers and in most cases save you money in the process. Simply, we have a "no surprises" budget management process. 

DeFatta Custom Homes has long term relationships with the best mortgage loan companies in the industry. Whether looldng for first time buyer financing or needing a competitive jumbo loan, our partners offer all types of loans at competitive rates. 

Every buyer of DeFatta Custom Homes has unique ideas for their custom home and with our years of experience, proven processes, and our commitment to listen to WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, building a custom home does not mean higher prices and creates exceptional value for all of our buyers. 

Visit our company website at www.defattacustomhomes.com for more.